Hello, World!

world.jpgNow, now, let’s see, I’m trying out the blogging thing again.

After all, it’s been more than 7 years that I’m hooked to reading some great bloggers, and I rarely contributed my own thoughts.  I used to write three blogs from 2003 to 2005, each one with its own purposes.  One of them was called SoftwareCreation.  I might bring back some of its posts if I believe they still have some value today.

So what brings me back in the blogosphere today?   Steve Yegge nailed a good point and it looks like it’s all I was waiting for to show my nose here.  It’s funny how a rant that’s been written three years ago can still have an impact today.

I hope I’ll enjoy the ride this time more than the last one, and who knows, you might enjoy it too.



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