MenuCalendarClock: Ugly Name, Great App

Update (2009): It’s been at least a few months since I stopped using this. Maybe I’m no more busy enough. And I was a bit hassled by the fact this app doesn’t feel that much native to OS X. It needs a bit of interaction tweaking.

MenuCalendarClock for iCalUntil yesterday, it’s been a few times I resisted trying MenuCalendarClock.  Its name is ugly and its web site isn’t much better at selling it.  But it’s almost exactly what I was longing for.  I was tired of bringing up the whole iCal interface, or firing up the Dashboard, just to see my daily appointments.  I wanted something more streamlined into my workflow, more accessible but still capable, yet not distracting.  Thanks to MacUpdate’s Parallels Bundle and Chris Pirillo, I found the answer to my need in MenuCalendarClock.

It’s as slick as it looks in this screenshot and it’s even better.  The search box works wonders to bring up anything that’s been on your calendar but you don’t remember when, and it’s just where it’s needed.  Double-clicking on something either brings up iCal or a window to edit a task’s details.  In short, it rocks.

Of course, it could be even better.  I’d like to be able to specify the date format of the events view.  Repeating the year and month for each one of the three days shown looks silly to me.  I’d much rather see the name of the day completely spelled out, like “vendredi le 18“, “samedi le 19“, and “lundi le 21“.  (Yes, French is my native language.)

MenuCalendarClock comes at the price of 20$, for either iCal or Entourage.  If you’re quick enough, you could also get it like me in the great deal that is the Parallels Bundle.  Finally, if you just want the slick calendar view without the events and tasks view, the basic version of the application will come free to you.

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2 Responses to “MenuCalendarClock: Ugly Name, Great App”

  1. Boyan Says:

    Pour l’affichage des infos jour, essaye preferences/icone/ et format d’horloge personnalisé (manuel) :
    %A %d %B %H:%M

    Sinon moi j’ai installé OS X en anglais avant de choisir le français comme langue principale pour les menus, dialogues etc.
    mais maintenant menucalendarclock refuse de switcher le bougre.

  2. Daniel Jomphe Says:

    Merci pour l’essai Boyan! Par contre ça ne permet de changer que le format d’affichage de ce qui est écrit dans la MenuBar, alors que ce que je souhaiterais vraiment, c’est de pouvoir changer le format des dates de la section “Agenda:” du screenshot.

    Quant à moi j’ai fini par me décider à changer l’interface vers l’anglais. Et je me demande si la langue qu’on choisit lors de l’installation a un statut particulier; j’aurais tendance à croire que non.

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