Together and Evernote: Updates Reviewed

First, let’s get Evernote‘s business out now: I have updated my recent review to reflect its new beta 1.1 version.

Now, let’s take a look at TogetherIf you remember my comparative review of web information collection applications, you know I liked a lot Together.  Now that it’s been significantly upgraded in its new incarnation stamped Version 2.1, let’s see how our landscape of options evolved in the context of the comparative review.

  • Overall, with a global average score of 2.8, Together is more than ever a solid competitor to all the other 8 applications I’ve tested. Prior to its version 2.1, it only scored 2.4.  On many aspects, Together is now much more usable and mature.
  • Together’s interaction with you when you collect items has been revamped.  From 15, its score for Collection – Interaction bumped to 23, making Together part of the top 3 applications on that aspect.  This improvement was achieved by adding an option to ask you to file and tag each new item as soon as you collect it (using the shelf, with a really great and natural-feeling workflow!), adding much welcome bookmarklets in your browsers, and allowing you to set up a global keyboard shortcut.
  • Together also became more consistent in its collected items vital assets.  Its score for Collection – Consistency is now 9, from a previous 7.  That’s because annotating a web page collected now no more makes you loose its link.  Previously, after annotating a web archive, you couldn’t find anymore where it was collected on the web (apart using google)!  Together’s new score also means that it shares the second place with EagleFiler, although both lag behind Evernote (which scored 16).
  • Together’s search features also made a big jump forward, leaping from 25 to 40, joining Journler and Evernote in the front line.  That’s the best score yet, although if I updated my benchmark, Evernote (>35) would lead clearly.  In any case, a score of 40 means leading-edge overall search capabilities.
    • Again, I know we could argue on DevonThink’s specific search capabilities which I have probably undervalued, but here I’m speaking of the overall search features.  DevonThink, with its score of 20, was one of the poorest contenders overall and although some specifics of its search features are exceedingly great, you might nonetheless be disappointed by the rest.

While running Together through my benchmark of tests, I felt a few rough edges that made it feel more like a beta version than a gold release.  These rough edges (which I can’t remember because I didn’t write them down) weren’t crashes or anything serious, though; they were more like small glitches with the ways the interface has been updated.  Nothing here serious enough for me to advise you to wait for the patch releases.

Well, that’s it.  Together has now taken its place in the leading pack of web information collection applications.  On top of that, you could add that it makes a great file collection application, and you’d get a really serious competitor on that front to EagleFiler (and some other apps).  All of this having been said, I want to congratulate Reinvented Software for such progress on such a great application.

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7 Responses to “Together and Evernote: Updates Reviewed”

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  2. Leon Says:

    That’s great, that really is – I’ve taken a look at Together and knew what the conclusion of this review would be. Now if only I didn’t have to pay $1000+ to buy a mac in order to use great note taking software… I guess one can dream.

  3. Sergio Says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Thanks for your excellent reviews and benchmarks. I’m also addicted of trying to find the best information manager in the Mac platform. I use DEVONThink Pro for research projects. I love it and I hate it. I hate it because it’s really getting outdated (3 yeas in the development of version 2). I love it, because it’s yet the most powerful IM for documentary research. For personal projects I’m testing other packages (Yojimbo, Evernote and Together are top of the list).

    About Together, I agree that is a very interesting software. The shelf is really nice and very complete.

    What I don’t really like about Together, is it lack of stability. If you have more than 1000 files, it begins to crash and to lag. It takes a lot of time (more than 15 seconds in my case) to load all the icons of the items in the library. Yojimbo, even in its almost sick minimalism, is really well constructed inside, and as a quick reference system, is the best. It loads fast, searches fast, and clips fast (although DTP is faster at clipping) You can retrieve any snippet in less than seconds.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Daniel Jomphe Says:

    Hi Sergio,

    Thanks for the information. Performance and stability under a heavier load are definitely critical factors, and that’s yet another aspect my benchmark completely overlooked. It’s interesting to note how it’s impossible to make an exhaustive+objective review alone. I’d definitely love to solve that problem once and for all some day, by making software; speak of a big challenge!

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  6. barbara graff Says:

    If you were only to buy one – Together or Evernote – which would you choose, and why?

    • Daniel Jomphe Says:

      Evernote without a doubt. This thing keeps getting better at an incredible pace.

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