Apple Mighty Mouse: Pros & Cons

Here’s yet another post about the UnMighty Mouse.  I thought Apple needed me to spell it out loud and clear, short and sweet.  I’m often verbose, but this time, I ain’t gonna be.

Here’s my personal list of pros and cons after 6 months of full-time usage of the Mighty Mouse:


  1. I am addicted to its scroll ball, and
  2. it looks and feels great (glossy, light).


  1. But it sometimes right-click when I left-clicked, or the reverse, and it’s getting worse over time;
  2. I sometimes need to clean the scroll ball, and
  3. we cannot simultaneously click both left and right buttons, and
  4. right clicks are not 100% accurate, and
  5. right clicks cannot be done fast enough for action games, and
  6. the optical sensor makes the mouse cursor sometimes jump, while my non-Apple mouse never fails on the same surface, and
  7. generally, its optical sensor works much less well than my Logitech’s laser sensor.

I’ve cross-posted this list to the product reviews in Apple Store.

Oh, yeah: kudos to Logitech and Microsoft for their great mice.

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3 Responses to “Apple Mighty Mouse: Pros & Cons”

  1. Mr. Darcy Says:

    While Logitech’s mice might indeed be very good, their Mac OS X driver software is a shitty insolence! 😦

  2. Daniel Jomphe Says:

    My mouse is a Logitech. I never liked Logitech’s mouse drivers for Windows, and thought I wouldn’t like them any more for Mac OS X, so I didn’t install them. Good to hear I made a good choice. Have you seen a functionality of a Logitech mouse where it would be important to have proper mouse drivers? I often wonder why Logitech bothers at all making drivers for their mice.

  3. A Review of the Mighty Mouse, pt. 2 « Daniel mostly on Software Says:

    […] spelling and pronouncing my surname is the gist of life. « In Rebate: Together Apple Mighty Mouse: Pros & Cons […]

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